As we said in our previous article on this topic, a Network can be described as “neutral” when it does not undergo arbitrary restrictions: to put it simply, it must ideally not discriminate between the various services that it offers to users. neutrality 2018

The issue was already tackled by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015: the American communication agency decided that the Internet would be and and remain “neutral” because who provides a connection cannot discriminate the Network traffic by giving different speed or by putting arbitrary filters.

neutrality 2018

In other words, it was established that “neutrality” could not be broken in any way because it guarantees freedom. Unfortunately, since that decision was taken, many things have changed, last but not least, the presidency of the United States has changed.

neutrality 2018

The Republican “point of view”

Trump’s rise to the White House has changed many things. Also the pressing issue of “Net Neutrality was re-discussed, challenging the results achieved not more than three years ago. According some politicians, supported by the Republican President, the idea of creating “slow lanes” for those sites which cannot pay is not unsound.

neutrality 2018

Ajit Pai (

Trump revealed his intentions a few days after the inauguration, when in January 2017 he appointed Ajit Pai as president of the FCC. Pai is a lawyer and former manager of Verizon and he has never concealed the fact of considering net neutrality as a restriction imposed on the market.

The very same Pai re-launched the debate on the legitimacy of an old rule against consolidation of 1975. It was introduced in order to avoid a single company having too many media channels in its hands (newspapers, radios, televisions) and according to the Republican lawyer this restriction is now obsolete taking into account the innumerable resources through which the user can examine carefully each news (Google & Co.).

neutrality 2018

On the other hand, the opponents to this wild liberalization insist on the fact that, by doing so, providers will be left space to favour those who can pay, but the real danger is that they will be able to silence disagreement, thus deciding who will be listened to and who will not.

Is democracy in danger?

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In his comic strip, Michael Goodwin finally proposes some similes between Russian headed by Boris Yeltsin at the end of the ‘90s and today’s USA headed by Trump. We don’t want to deprive you of the pleasure to find out more about the danger for US democracy that the famous author foresees and we invite you to read his new piece of work. As always exclusively translated into Italian and published on Capethicalism. [CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENGLISH VERSION]

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