Capitalism isn’t perfect

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it seems to be the best economic theory in the world. History has defeated everything else.

Capitalism shouldn’t be, however, neoliberalism: it needs rules in order to avoid extreme inequality.

Capitalism should be re-thought with something like an upper limit and a lower one: people shouldn’t be too rich or too poor.

The Internet unmasks lies

Millions of people are pressuring us: they learned from the Internet that the world is divided into two categories, and they can’t accept it.

One day they will knock on our doors demanding to know the reasons. Maybe they’re already knocking.

Our plan

People should be re-educated: everyone needs to be convinced that money can give wellness, but money can’t give any happiness.

We wish to gather all those people who think the world could be improved by enhancing life experiences, rather than by dollars or euros.

People who believe in a cultural and (perhaps) anthropological revolution.

Capethicalism aims to provide a forum that allows you to join these people.

Capethicalism: a neologism

This is our Manifesto, and any support will be appreciated.

This is Capethicalism: a new word, a new chance.

Penny & Yuan


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