Much of the praise we have been receiving since launching Capethicalism has mentioned that our website, while carefully calibrated in both form and contents, is actually quite easy to read. Indeed, our interest does not lie in reaching an elite audience of scientists or professors, but rather in all those people who would like to take a good look at the current social-economic situation. economix

A quick tool to get a feel of complex dynamics

To that end, today we would like to talk about a book which is easy yet poignant: Economix: how and why our economy works (and doesn’t work), in words and pictures, written by Michael Goodwin (and masterfully illustrated by comic artist Dan Burr). Three hundred pages to help us laymen understand a complex and (dare we say dull?) topic, brilliantly informative and aided by clever comics: the very epitome of “learning is fun”, and a way to get that crucial understanding of economic issues which have an effect on our daily life and world.


End of illusions

The need for such an understanding has been made self-evident by the economic recession that has plagued us for years. Promises made by economics experts (see our article on Neoliberalism, especially re: Milton Friedman and the Chicago School) have been revealed as empty by events.


Since the ‘80s, many people have been impoverished, and the so-called “middle class” has all but vanished, losing many of its hard-earned privileges and losing itself in the endless race toward consumerism. Public debt has skyrocketed and democracy is not feeling very well: the issue seems to be quickly nearing the point of no return.

Why you should read… and where to buy it

Everyone has a stake in the economy, thus it is crucial that everyone understands its mechanisms in order to make informed choices. Media often touches upon these issues, but with little objectivity and a good deal of rhetoric. Instead, the phenomena must be analysed and we must understand that economics is not a loaded gun in the hands of the wealthy, but rather a means which should guarantee a serene existence to each and all.


Here are the book’s details (ISBN/EAN 9780810988392), a preview and some links to order it online: / /

We still recommend you take a tour to your local library and request it. You will be enriched by the experience… literally!


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